The Long History of the Nissan Pathfinder


The Nissan Pathfinder first made its debut in the late-1980s in the wake of the compact pickup truck popularity. Instead of rolling out a pickup truck, Nissan presented the Pathfinder. Even now, the Nissan Pathfinder is one of the most iconic SUVs, known for its reliability and family-friendly design. At Tynan's Nissan Aurora Denver and beyond by carrying new Nissan Pathfinder SUVs in various trim levels.

Learn more about the history of the Nissan Pathfinder and why it might be right for your daily driving in the Centennial area.

The Rise of the Nissan Pathfinder

The first generation of the Nissan Pathfinder was introduced in 1986 as a 1987 model and stood out among the competition with its aggressive front-end styling. There were only two doors, and the Pathfinder was based on the Hardbody compact pickup platform. Its unique chassis and body-on-frame model made it a favorite among off-road enthusiasts.

As some Highlands Ranch drivers may remember, the first generation of the Pathfinder came with as much as 145 horsepower, but it upgraded to two more doors and up to 153 horsepower later in the generation.

Gaining Momentum

The second generation of the Pathfinder switched to a unibody platform for better aerodynamics and sleeker style. The engine displacement grew to a 3.3-liter engine and produced up to 250 horsepower. In 2001, the Pathfinder delivered family-friendly interior features and technology, including a unique three-dimensional "Birdview" display.

Power, Versatility, and Style

The third generation introduced a third row of seating, allowing for up to seven passengers for the first time. The fourth generation further refined the Pathfinder with intelligent 4WD, 5,000-pound standard towing, and even more space.

The 2020 Pathfinder

The current Pathfinder is part of the fourth generation, which steadily updated features to make the current model feel fresh. Some of the top features available for the new Pathfinder include:

  • Nissan Intelligent Mobility™
  • Up to 6,000 pounds of towing
  • Motion Activated Liftgate
  • Remote Access
  • Tri-Zone Entertainment system

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