The New Nissan Armada Has a Frame That is Rugged

One of the defining factors in the strength of a vehicle is the frame. The new Nissan Armada has a very impressive frame which enables it to take on many heavy tasks. We at Tynan's Nissan Aurora recommend this type of vehicle for people that are looking for something that is going to be powerful and reliable.

The rugged frame of the new Armada enables the vehicle to tow trailers behind it. As a matter of fact, the towing capacity of the vehicle is 8,500 lb. Therefore, you can pull toys of almost any size. You can do all of this while keeping your vehicle under control.

Other reasons that you should give the Nissan Armada a test drive are the hill start assist and limited slip brake system. This makes sure that you are able to keep your vehicle safe from any skids. A test drive will let you know how easy it is to control your vehicle.



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