To stay ahead in the game, auto makers need to constantly innovate, and that's exactly what the Nissan brand is so good at! One of the biggest ways they've been standing out is by giving more of their new vehicles Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology, as they see it as a way of the future.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility looks at how people interact with their cars, their community, and their technology, and aims to bring features that make everyone safer and more in sync.

Safety-Focused Intelligent Mobility Features

You're probably already familiar with some of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility features, as the main ones are advanced safety technologies:

  • An Around-View camera for easier parallel parking, especially on longer models
  • Cross-traffic alert
  • Rear braking so you can safely reverse in a parking lot or suburb and stop when necessary
  • Blind spot monitoring for highway or lane-heavy driving
  • Pedestrian detection and braking for when you're in the city
  • Automatic braking that has your back when a crash is imminent, and you do not act
  • E-pedal driving that lets you use one pedal for acceleration and braking on the Nissan LEAF

More Semi-Autonomous Technology

We think self-driving cars will be here for the masses before you know it, and with the work Nissan is doing, we think they'll be a leader in their class. You can already get Nissan's ProPILOT assist on select models. This system keeps up with traffic, stays at a defined distance, can offer steering assist, and even come to a complete stop, if necessary. ProPILOT makes long-haul driving a little safer and less stressful for the driver.

Fun Nissan Intelligent Mobility Applications

Nissan's Intelligent Mobility system knows how to have fun as much as it knows how to protect you and your vehicle. For example, if you have an Alexa from Amazon, you can connect to her in your Nissan model! There's also a way for you to connect your smartphone so you can send directions to your navigation system and more.

To see if the new Nissan you have your eye on has these available Nissan Intelligent Mobility features, stop into our dealership this week!

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