The new Nissan Sentra offers an awesome combination of sporty performance and affordability. You can check out the SR Turbo, NISMO and other trims of this compact sedan at Tynan's Nissan Aurora.

This sleek Nissan car has the Active Understeer Control, which senses the slightest directional problems with the steering system. If the car sways excessively during a sharp turn, you'll get some help from this highly responsive technology. Handling is also improved by a power steering system that requires minimal input from the driver. Additionally, the Brake Assist delivers instant braking leverage for the front and rear wheels.

You can easily customize the drive in the new Sentra by selecting a setting that's suitable for real-time conditions. For instance, the Eco Mode improves fuel economy on a highway that has smooth traffic flow. The Sport Mode increases the responsiveness of the Xtronic CVT system that blends automatic and manual shifting.



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