Tech-hungry shoppers will love the available NissanConnect™ infotainment system

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For drivers that love technology and convenience, having an intuitive and jam-packed infotainment system is of the utmost importance. We love working with these tech-hungry buyers, and that's because we can offer them the incredibly comprehensive NissanConnect™ package that's available on 2018 and 2019 new Nissan models! Let's look at what you can get with this system.

Apps to Entertain

Say goodbye to listening to your local radio stations that play the same five songs and hello to options. With NissanConnect™ you can tap into (pun intended) SiriusXM radio and get not only music stations but also sports, comedy, and weather. You can stream your playlist from your phone with the Bluetooth or you can use Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ with your eligible device.

Apps that Cater

If you have a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa dock at home, you know how helpful these tech tools can be. With NissanConnect™ you can use them inside your new Nissan! You can also connect to your Nissan vehicle with your smartphone so you can perform remote locks and unlocks, flash your lights, and find your parked car, because who hasn't forgotten where they've parked before? Lastly, if you use Twitter or Facebook, you can check in on the apps to stay connected with friends when the car is safely in park.

Apps for easier travels

If you have a new Nissan with the navigation package, you get a host of travel-friendly apps with the SiriusXM Travel Link suite. You can review fuel prices to make sure you're getting the best rate, check the weather reports so you know what to expect when you arrive, and stay up to date on traffic so you can avoid the worst or come to terms that you'll be stuck in bumper to bumper and get your favorite podcasts queued up.

As you can see, the NissanConnect™ app has a lot to offer. If you want it on the new Nissan you choose to buy or lease, make sure you let our sales team know so they can point you towards the right trims.

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