Nissan Versa - For Drivers Who Are After Great Performance

We all look for different things when choosing a vehicle, and drivers who want great performance often choose the Nissan Versa, a popular subcompact sedan. Pay us a visit at Tynan's Nissan Aurora, check out the Versa, and you’ll see what makes this car so special.

Performance has always been a high-point of Nissan cars, and the Nissan Versa, with its powerful 1.6L engine, is no exception. In addition to getting up to 39 mpg on the highway, the Versa also gives you a choice of an automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. If quiet cruising and a smooth, quick acceleration attract your attention, you’ll love the Xtronic CVT transmission, especially since it eliminates the need to be constantly shifting.

We would like to show you just how great the Nissan Versa performs, so stop at our Nissan showroom and take it out for a test drive. You'll love its many features and accessories.



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