How Reliable Are the Nissan LEAF Batteries?


Original rollout expectancy of the Nissan LEAF was that the battery would keep 70 percent or more of its original capacity after ten years. This goal means that drivers in the Greeley area who own a Nissan LEAF can still expect for their batteries to hold a charge well even after years of use.

However, even if the batteries degrade to 40 percent of their original capacity within 20 years, as predicted by the Nissan R&D staff, they could find a second use as a productive piece of large-scale energy storage.


Second-Use for Nissan LEAF Batteries

The batteries for Nissan LEAF models are so efficient and long-lasting that they are expected to outlast the vehicles' lifespan. While some drivers in the Longmont area might assume that the battery would be thrown out or recycled when the vehicle is no longer drivable, the long life expectancy means that the batteries usefulness can be applied in other ways.

Nissan plans to recover the batteries from LEAF models for second use in several possible ways. Imagine seeing solar panels in the Loveland, CO, area and finding out that former Nissan LEAF batteries are an integral part of their battery storage. Maybe in the future, you will find that the street lights in Fort Collins are independent of the grid and run on LEAF batteries.

There are all types of ways that the batteries can be repurposed. Some of them include:

  • Megawatt Energy-Storage Systems
  • Pop-up Travel Trailers
  • Small Buffers Used for Electric-Vehicle Charging Stations

After seeing what the Nissan LEAF's batteries are capable of, it's not hard to imagine how they could benefit your daily driving. Browse our inventory of Nissan LEAF models to discover the cutting-edge features and incredible battery lives they have to offer!

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