Versatile Cargo Space in the Nissan Sentra

Whoever said that sedans lack cargo room clearly hasn't seen the new Nissan Sentra. This popular mid-sized sedan boasts a spacious interior that can be modified to fit your changing cargo and passenger needs. We here at Tynan's Nissan Aurora are excited to show you how much you can fit inside this car.

The back seat area of the Sentra features a bench-style seat. It's roomy enough for three passengers. If you only have two people in the back, there's a fold-down armrest with cup holders for extra comfort. The seat also features a 60/40 split design. The two sides can be folded down flat to gain access to the trunk area.

The trunk area has about 15.1 cubic feet of cargo space alone. Drivers in Aurora who need a bit of extra space can easily make room. Whether you need to fit in a small ladder or bicycle, the Sentra can handle it. With both sides of the rear seat down, you can achieve up to 74.1 cubic feet of cargo space.



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