Driving a Nissan Maxima is a Smooth Experience

The Nissan Maxima is all the car you can want and then some, if you are looking for a sedan that offers luxurious comfort and superb handling on the road. Comfortable and attractive cabin designs and user-friendly infotainment options keep you entertained while you are enjoying the smooth ride provided by the advanced transmission and engine power and controls.

With the exclusive Integrated Dynamics-control Module, you can utilize the advanced technology of its Intelligent Trace Control, Active Ride Control and Intelligent Engine Brake systems. Negotiating curves is made easier with Trace Control, which applies braking separately to each wheel. The Intelligent Brake system uses CVT for engine braking, which softens the force of abrupt braking.

Come in to Tynan's Nissan Aurora and let us show you just how much control the driving assists for the Nissan Maxima offers. When you take one out for a test drive, you will return with a true appreciation of what a smooth ride really is.



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